Students Project

Master Projects
The following are some projects that have been carried out under my supervision or co-supervision (PA=Projet Approfondissement, TM=Thèses de Master): 2024 TITANSec (PA, M. Schroeter) TITAN Network Security (SRv6 Security), (for Swisscom) 2023 eBPF (PA, Benoist Wolleb) eBPF utilization in Clouds (for Swisscom) 2022 CHAENG (PA & TM, Chris Nicolas) Chaos Engineering on K8s Clusters and Microservices (for Swisscom) 2021 CNFDEVOPS (PA & TM, Samuel Paccard) Cloud Native Function and NetDevOps (for Swisscom) CNFSMesh (TM, Romain Silvestri) Service Mesh and CNF (for Swisscom) VNFDESTESt (PA, Dovi Kofi Eyram) VNF Deployment and Testing VNFMON (PA, Eric Zo’Oatcham) VNF Monitoring CLOUDSSO (PA & TM, Jimmy Caille) MultiCloud Single Sign-On 2020 NEDETOC (TM, Denis Voirol) NetDevOps for Telco Cloud (for Swisscom) ECSec (PA, Simon Lièvre) Edge Cloud Security (for Swisscom) ScaD (PA, Bassem El Khansaa) Dynamic VNF Scaling (for Swisscom) DIAD (PA & TM, Cyrill Vallélian) Darknet IoT Attack Detection dBNG (PA & TM, Gilles Waeber) Disaggregated Broadband Network Gateway (for Swisscom) 2018 Security Guardian (TM, Micael Domingues Alves) DevSecOps Infrastructure for the Security Guardian Tool (for Infoteam) VoIPv6 and Security (TM, Messeng Rene-Parfait) VoIP over IPv6 and security (for Swisscom) CloudPBX (PA, Axel Chollet) PABX virtuel pour utilisateurs Distants (for Telios) NOSIP6 (PA, Micael Dominges) Swiss IPv6 State (for NetObservatory) Hacking ToolBox (TM, Devaud Mathieu) Windows Device Driver vulnerabilities (for SCRT) 2017 SoDeMoQoS (PA, Messeng Rene-Parfait) SDN for QoS Monitoring (for armasuisse) 2016 SmartStreamX (TM, Stanculescu Alina-Elena) Services development for Smart Metering using Cisco CGR1000 (for Infoteam) 2014 GAR (TM, Christian Meyer) Management and Network analysis for security and BYOD devices (for Etat de Vaud) OpenFlow (PA & TM, Simon Dunand) Study of this new SDN technologie.