Master Projects


The following are some projects that have been carried out under my supervision or co-supervision (PA=Projet Approfondissement, TM=Thèses de Master):

  • 2022
  • 2021
  • 2020
  • 2018
    • Security Guardian (TM, Micael Domingues Alves) DevSecOps Infrastructure for the Security Guardian Tool (for Infoteam)
    • VoIPv6 and Security (TM, Messeng Rene-Parfait) VoIP over IPv6 and security (for Swisscom)
    • CloudPBX (PA, Axel Chollet) PABX virtuel pour utilisateurs Distants (for Telios)
    • NOSIP6 (PA, Micael Dominges) Swiss IPv6 State (for NetObservatory)
    • Hacking ToolBox (TM, Devaud Mathieu) Windows Device Driver vulnerabilities (for SCRT)
  • 2017
    • SoDeMoQoS (PA, Messeng Rene-Parfait) SDN for QoS Monitoring (for armasuisse)
  • 2016
    • SmartStreamX (TM, Stanculescu Alina-Elena) Services development for Smart Metering using Cisco CGR1000 (for Infoteam)
  • 2014
    • GAR (TM, Christian Meyer) Management and Network analysis for security and BYOD devices (for Etat de Vaud)
    • OpenFlow (PA & TM, Simon Dunand) Study of this new SDN technologie.
  • 2013
    • IPv6 Scan (PA, Christian Meyer) Study of IPv6 vulnerabilities and audit methods
    • NIIScan (PA, Andrea Rigeschi) Automatic discovery of internet Network Element (for NetObservatory )
  • 2012
    • Angel probe (PA and TM, Robin Franzi) Distributed audit and trafic Probe with a centralized data server (for NetObservatory )
    • BGP Swiss Map (PA, Steve Lienhard) Real-Time BGP statististics about the Swiss Internet (Routing tables) (for NetObservatory )
    • BotNet (PA and TM, Julien Oberson) Study of BotNet and specification of a home made BotNet.
    • RAPAS (TM, Xavier Romanens) Specification of tools used in the NetObservatory (Honey Mail and Web Change Scan) (for NetObservatory )
  • 2011
    • DNSSec (PA, Xavier Romanens) Audit of DNSSec and all its weaknesses (for NetObservatory )