A new mobile tactical network will be tested based on Wireless communications working with VHF/UHF and this imposes new challenges for mission critical applications. Every node in the network should be able to communicate at the application layer to all other nodes through an ad-hoc network.

One of the main challenges of this project is to develop a suitable algoritm, or a set of algorithms, able to automatically choose the role and parameters of the node with the objective to offer the adequate service(s) to the desired tactical communication applications. Another challenge is to test and quantify the performance of the developed algorithm(s). The first field trials will be conducted early 2017 withreal nodes. The algorithms to be tested in the field trials should be validated first on a simulation platform reproducing a few to several hundred of nodes.

François Buntschu
François Buntschu
Professor of Computer Science and Communication Systems

My research interests include Cloud infrastructure, SDN, Network Security and Telco Cloud