A realistic troop deployment scenario for tactical MANET was developed within the NATO IST- 124. The NAT0 IST-150, which relies on Anglova for benchmarking, has recognized a potential drawback in a subset of this scenario: there is a lack of long (> 4) multi- hop paths. This issue is confirmed here using for the first time, to the best of our knowledge, EMANE emulations based on realistic TDMA radio models combined with the OLSRd implementations. Simple modifications of the Anglova Company 1 scenario have been investigated based on stopping particular nodes and on using dual-slope propagation models. As a result, a scenario is proposed, called 1km-chain, which appears to be quite challenging for low power radios and might be of interest for future profiling of MANET performances.

Performance Profiling of Radio Models and Anglova Based Scenarios